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Editing | Avid Trained 70%
Production Management 85%
Research 100%
Reality Television Casting & Producing 100%
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop 80%

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Defeating Your Oppressors

Defeating Your Oppressors

In moments of frustration, we often compare ourselves to others. We look at the successes of others, what they are doing, and what they have, which cause us to feel a sense of lack in our own. This is a defeating and oppressive perspective. Comparing yourself to others is nothing more than an oppressor in…

Leimert Park: A Place Called Home

Leimert Park: A Place Called Home

Within the South Los Angeles area, Leimert Park is a 1.19-square-mile neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.  Developed by and named after Walter H. Leimert it was one of the first comprehensively planned communities in Southern California designed for upper and middle-class families and was considered a model of urban planning.  In the 1960 Leimert Park emerged…
Hollywood Blackout: The Diversity Gap Continues

Hollywood Blackout: The Diversity Gap Continues

When 12 years a Slave won the Oscar for Best Picture, it made history, becoming the first movie from a black director, Steve McQueen, to win the film industry’s highest honor in 86 years.  The Academy Awards, whose membership includes more than 6,000 artists, and professionals, continues to lack racial diversity. The article Hollywood Blackout: An African American…